Surgical Treatment for hair loss

Are You Suffering from hair loss and planning to undergo a surgical treatment for the same?

Read our list of surgical ways of hair restoration.

Though hair transplants seems to top the list, there are different types of transplants too and a few other methods as well.

Here’s what you need to know.
Hair transplant
In a hair transplant, grafts are removed from the back of the head and placed on areas where there is no hair or thinning is noticed. But there are 2 ways to remove grafts. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a method where these grafts are removed one by one by cutting around the area. In FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation, an entire strip from the scalp is cut out and then the grafts are separated. If you have a larger bald patch, FUT method is best-suited for you. And if it is just a small patch, go for FUE method. Read more about the different types of hair transplant here.
Scalp reduction
With advances in the hair transplant method, this surgical option is becoming redundant now. Very few clinics offer this today as the result does not look very natural. However, it is a quick way to get your hair back. In scalp reduction surgery, the bald patches are cut off and the rest of the scalp is sewed back together. This makes one’s head look full of hair once again but it can leave a scar running down the middle of your head and also the skin stretches.
Rotational flap surgery
This too is an old method of concealing hair loss. In rotational flap surgery, the tissues at the back of one’s head are rotated so that they come back to the front of the head which immediately gives an impression of a full head of hair. Usually, the back of the head has more hair follicles which last for almost one’s entire lifetime. But the flap surgery also has a flipside. The hair grows in the backward direction and if one continues to have hair loss, they will have bald patches or thinning in the middle and then thick hair growth again.
Tissue expansion
This type of hair loss treatment is mostly used in extreme cases when someone loses hair due to burnt skin or injury and it is not possible to grow hair other ways. In tissue expansion, there tissue expanders put under the skin where hair growth is maximum. This area is then inflated with saline water for a few weeks which stretches this skin and increases the hair-bearing area. The bags are later removed and those areas are moved closer to the bald spots to conceal them. at times, they are also cut off. You can read about hair loss medications.
Hair cloning
This is an upcoming method which can revolutionize hair loss treatment. Though it will take a few more years for the treatment to take place on human hair, it is based on the cloning process. Also called hair multiplication, it involves using existing hair follicles and then multiplying or cloning them in a lab. These are then injected on the balding areas to stimulate hair growth.

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