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Welcome to ICLS

We care about you and your family’s health.

About us

ICLS, has introduced for the first time in Mumbai, Virtual Cosmetic Laser Treatments


How we can help you

Become more beautiful by ICLS skin, hair, body, figure enhancement treatments.



You can have more success in your life by undergoing ICLS career oriented modular training


You have a number of reasons to choose us!

Our Approach

Total Scientific Approach giving first preference to your safety.


Cosmetic Surgery Treatment

Truly qualified Cosmetic Surgeon from Mumbai University having more than 30 years of experience.


ICLS trust factor

We believe: Well informed patient is the one who gets positive results.


Office Based Procedure Advantage

You can save time and cost by our result giving short procedures.


Virtual Laser Treatment

You can have safe and result oriented LASER treatments by latest Virtual Technology

We offer Services

Safe & Scientific treatments which are based on your own physiology and anatomy, so that you get faster results. We do get celebrities as our patients but ICLS never forces you to undergo any kind of “PAGE-3” treatments.

Our Value Add-ons

Support Groups

Interact with patients having similar problems. You can share your experiences with others.


We never subject you to operations without your complete assessment and thorough check up.

Scientific Equipments

ICLS bring latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipments for your benefit.

Personalized treatments

We never force any particular treatments on you. You will get specially made program for your problems.

Complete Family Care

Special packages can be arranged for all members from one family. ICLS manages patients from all age groups.

Philanthropic Services

YES. We donate! Whether you want to donate time, money, or experience, ICLS can guide you, how to do it.

ICLS Philanthropic Services can help you achieve your charitable vision and make the most of your gifts.

Educational Seminars

Patients can attend various seminars to get hands-on knowledge.


Doctors can attend ART OF MEDICAL PRACTICE workshop to develop better doctor-patients relationship.


If you are associated with any college, social club, organizations then Dr. Anil can give informative talk on social and health related subjects.

You can educate your members by calling Dr. Anil on 09820086112

Coaching & Mentoring

Beneficial for Medical entrepreneurs and start ups.

Patient Camps

ICLS takes active part in conducting diagnostic and therapeutic camps at various places in India.

ICLS Franchise

ICLS is on a mission to make other human being succeed in life.

We are giving you an opportunity to earn more fruitful practice by offering you ICLS franchise in the most modern & ‘in demand’ field of cosmetology, trichology & weight loss procedures.

For more information on “How to start your own Hair Care , Skin Care, Weight Loss Center?” send email

We first diagnose and then treat you

Place which you can trust: ICLS

We believe in



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Skin scar correction

First time in the city of Mumbai, Skin Smoothening and Scar Treatment by, “Silicone crystal rotoabrader” (SDRM) First time in the city of Mumbai, ‘Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery’ has introduced the Non-Surgical, Safe & Painless technique of Skin Smoothening and Scar Treatment by, “Silicone crystal rotoabrader” machine utilizing the principle of removing the […]


Welcome toICLS India

Dear Friends,

ICLS will give you more information on various beauty and body care programs, which are scientifically based on human physiology and includes Obesity Control, Age Defying Programs, BOTOX, Face lift, Face pigmentation, Acne Scar Removal, Keloid, Scar, Hair Care, Weight Reduction, slimming, fat loss, nose job, Rhinoplasty, nose shaping, LASER tattoo removal, liposuction, Solution for your scars, striae, Scars and stretch marks, hair scanning, Hair analysis, Hair density, Unexplained hair fall, male pattern baldness, scalp scanning, root cause of scalp problems, Dandruff, itchy scalp, proper hair treatment, trichomapping, hair transplantation, laser comb, laser tattoo removal, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery.

There is a lot of confusion about plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and laser surgery in the minds of lay people.

Plastic surgery is the one which is performed to rectify birth defects or to correct any deformities of patients.

Cosmetic surgery is performed to enhance the beauty, looks of normal person. ( who is not a diseased person)

Laser surgery is the one in which LASER is used to as a tool to perform any procedure.

Nose-implants, Breast Augmentation, Silicone implants, Face-lift, Thread lift, Glutathione injections, Liposuction, Tumescent Liposuction, Mega-liposuction, Ultrasonic Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Upper Arm Lift, Scar Repair, Laser Peel, Collagen Injections, Fat Transfer, Laser Hair Removal, Skin peel, chemical peel, AHA peel, glycolic acid peel.

Such a long list……

Doctors can learn about cosmetology courses in India, face treatments, trichology courses, hair treatment courses, weight loss courses, obesity correction, laser therapy, diet and nutrition course, online courses, correspondence courses, cosmetology career, art of medical practice and doctor patient communication.

Please feel free to ask all your doubts regarding ICLS training on this official web site. ICLS is not responsible information obtained from any other web sites or electronic media. ICLS keeps updating its courses and regularly adds various new courses too.

Please note that many foreign degrees and diplomas are not valid in India and Indian government has time and again published in newspapers to remain away from such places.

But due to high discounts and other freebies given by such places , many students, even being a doctor fall into their hands and join.

All of them have faced problems in their future practice. Because they do not get desired results and even their patients are not happy with their treatments.

It is very difficult to convince someone about what is right and what is wrong.

Beware of such copycats.

Parents of few doctors and even many doctors were being duped by such places which claimed to be sister concerns of German University, or affiliated to AICTE, UGC universities. Some promised to offer them a MD degree from Seychelles and from Australia.

Doctors are supposed to be well learned and intelligent community, isn’t it?

Would you like to spoil your career by learning and then subjecting your patients to medico-legally unsafe procedures?

All such doctors had to pay big price to learn lesson.

Friends, we request you to take best decision for yourself.

ICLS never promises glamour and false hopes.

ICLS Aims for:

Patient’s comfort and safety first.

There is a lot of confusion in the mind of people regarding how to take proper skin care, hair care, cosmetic surgery, laser surgery, BOTOX, facelift, wrinkle correction, LASER treatments, weight loss diets, liposuction, breast implants, nose shaping, nose implants, pimple care, acne scar treatments, face pigmentation, tanning, hair fall, hair loss, baldness, skin glow, skin smoothening, cosmetology courses, trichology courses, weight loss, weight loss courses, cellulite treatments, Dermabrasion, Microdermabrasion, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift), Breast Reconstruction, Skin Rejuvenation, Rhinoplasty, Abdominoplasty, Lip Enlargement, body shaping, spa therapy.

ICLS receives many inquiries from various age groups & various service sectors from women as well as men.

To solve this problem of confusion and to guide people in maintaining their graceful appearance even working in stressful environment; ICLS has started this interactive website, which is totally dedicated to common people, who can ask their questions which will be answered FREE on net.

The web site aims at creating awareness in your mind about the latest health, life-style & wellness related issues.

The web site will update you about health, beauty, and positive life-style & how to incorporate these principles in your daily life.

The web site will help in correcting the shortcomings in your personality, face, nose, hair, & body by various scientific proven techniques.

During our last 30 years of experience many people have tried to copy us by imitating ICLS logo, ICLS promos and even ICLS name had been copied by many quacks.

ICLS does not believe in competition but strongly recommends cooperation. The web site will offer many benefits to its registered authentic users. is not just the ‘site’ but …

A way to discover ‘New You’, the ‘Beautiful You”©.

Come, be a part of ICLS



how you can become more successful happy.

Whenever you get time, keep surfing our site. You will always find weekly announcements, seminars, workshops, new information, downloads which will be available only to our authentic registered users.

All our users have recommended us to their friends.

Isn’t it amazing?

Our competitors ask us, Why are you doing this?

Our answer is simple:

“We just love making others successful.

We feel happy if we make someone else happy.”

” Institute of Cosmetology & Laser Science ” (I.C.L.S.) (TM)

A/6 ‘ Vyomesh’ S. V. Patel Rd.

Near Gokul Hotel . Borivali (W)

Mumbai – 400092. India.

ICLS course syllabus is flexible and individualized depending on your degree, qualification, experience and requirement.

Please ask your doubts to course moderator.

Friends please note that it has been brought to our notice by our doctor students that few people have started copying our name and started cosmetology institutes offering unbelievable courses.

Please note that ‘Institute of Cosmetology and Laser Science’ (ICLS).  is a registered trademark owned by ICLS (TM).

 We treat only at our Head Office in Borivali west, Mumbai and at our authorized franchise centers.

ICLS thanks our students for their constant support.